Popular Cabana Wine Carrier Collection Back In Stock

May 7, 2010

Our Cabana Wine Carrier Collection has been a very popular line since we unveiled it.  Both the classic single bottle Bali Wine Carrier and the fully accessorized Aruba Wine Carrier are back in stock. Thanks for waiting. Cheers!

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The Metro Basket is Back

April 26, 2010

We are happy to announce that the Metro Basket is back.  Although the Metro Basket is not a wine tote directly, it is a nicely sized insulated tote.  It’s also collapsible so it can be stored in a smaller space.  The Metro Basket features a water-resistant interior and expandable drawstring top and sturdy aluminum frame [...]

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New Arrival – St. Tropez Style Neoprene Wine Carriers

April 20, 2010

Just Arrived! The St. Tropez style of neoprene wine carriers is the latest addition to our wine carriers.  Now you can get the Brunello and Barbera wine totes with the St. Tropez style. Take a look. Barbera St. Tropez Neoprene Wine Carrier (Single Bottle) Brunello St. Tropez Neoprene Wine Carrier (Two Bottle)

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Recycle Your Wine Corks

April 15, 2010

There is a lot of talk about what to do with the cork from the bottle of wine you just opened.  You can now help to preserve this high quality, sustainable, natural resource.  Look for the Cork ReHarvest drop boxes at a Whole Foods near you. We are also working on a new product that [...]

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Our New London Wine Carrier Collection

March 31, 2010

Our new London Collection is now available.  It’s black outer shell with a classy black plaid with a hint of color.  It’s perfect for any occasion. Check out the London Collection here: London Single Bottle Wine Tote, London 3 Bottle Wine Carrier, London Two Bottle Wine Carrier with Cheese Set, London Wine and Picnic Cooler [...]

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Our Duet Wine Carriers get a Price Drop

March 30, 2010

We know it seems crazy, but we are lowering the price of all of our Duet Wine Carriers. That’s right, now all styles of the Duet line of totes is just $29.99.  The Duet is two bottle wine carrier that includes a corkscrew, cheese board, & cheese knife.  It also has two convenient ways to [...]

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This one is a Van Duzer

March 17, 2010

Some of the staff were breaking bread with the folks from Kingdom Magic Vacations last night and we tried a great wine. Van Duzer Pinot Noir. We were so impressed, we had to share. It’s worth giving it a try. Cheers.

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Have you seen a Glass Cork yet?

March 15, 2010

Have you seen a glass cork yet? I have to say, the first time is a little weird. While out with some of the Rhino staff this past weekend, we came across a bottle of wine that had a glass cork. The funny part was the waiter was very confused about how to open the [...]

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Chilean Winery (Concha Y Toro) back up and running

March 10, 2010

Some good news out of Chile. The Concha Y Toro Winery is back in operation after earthquakes shook the country.  Its four production facilities are up and running in the Maule region.  Show your support by heading out to your local wine shop and picking up a bottle or two of Chilean wine, a nice [...]

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Introducing the Moka Collection

March 8, 2010

The Moka collection is a new style for 2010. It is a rich chocolate brown with stripe accents.  It’s a style that is both fashionable and classy.  You can see the new Moka style of these products: Meritage Moka Wine Carrier, Barossa Moka Wine Tote, Duet Moka Wine Tote, Wine Sack Moka, and the Malibu [...]

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