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Best Practices for going to a BYOB Restaurant

Best Practices for going to a BYOB Restaurant

BYOB (bring your own bottle) restaurants have been increasing in popularity steadily for the past few years. Not only are they attractive to the owners because they don't have to worry about not being able to serve customers their favorite drink but also to the customers, who can always drink their favorite beverage before, during and after their meal. Although some people are very flexible as to what they drink, others have specific likes and dislikes. BYOB restaurants are excellent for these individuals.

BYOB restaurants are easily found in some of the larger cities. Philadelphia, for instance, now has more than 200 BYOB restaurants to choose from. Many of the restaurant owners like the practice of BYOB because it leaves them with less paperwork involving liquor licensing as well as giving them more liquor sampling as well. Just the idea of not having to get a liquor license is enough incentive for many restaurant owners to initiate a BYOB policy. However, as with everything new, there are as many negatives as there are positives. Some restaurant owners don't like the idea of BYOB because they claim it cuts into their profit. Most restaurant owners agree that the majority of their profits don't come from the food they serve but rather the liquor or beverages. By having customers bring their own bottles, they're losing this profit. However, many hope that allowing the BYOB policy, they have hope that it will draw more customers into their establishments.

Chicago is another BYOB restaurant that has over 400 BYOB restaurants to serve the needs of the public. In most cases, BYOB refers to wine, but some restaurant owners extend their policies to include beer as well. Always be sure to check with the restaurant of your choice before bringing something other than wine to avoid any embarrassing moments.

There are a couples practices you should keep in mind when going to a BYOB restaurant. When choosing the wine you're planning to bring to the restaurant, make sure it commensurate, or match the establishment as well as your food. If you're going to an elegant restaurant with fine food, your contribution to the meal should be a bottle of fine wine. Believe it or not, the restaurant owner really will take offense to a cheap bottle of wine being brought to his fine five-star eatery. At the same, if you're dining in a much more casual diner, you won't want to bring some valuable vintage wine. If you've been to a specific BYOB more than once, than you probably have a general idea as to what you should bring in the way of wine. Often you can find some excellent online reviews that will inform you as to the best wine to bring.

You can also find some great online sites that describe different types of wine and when they are most appropriate and what meals they best compliment. When you bring your wine to the restaurant, they'll be taking care of it for you and serving you as you request. Don't give the reason to feel that lack class or finesse, which may be the case in an elegant fine restaurant.

If you're in doubt as to what to bring, many choose to bring two bottles just to be on the safe side. They bring a bottle of white and a bottle of red wine. This usually covers most types of cuisine. Another tip to remember is carry your wine in wine bags or wine carriers rather than the brown bag you get at the liquor or grocery store. When you use a wine tote, you are letting the restaurant know that you take your wine seriously and wish to enhance their delicious meal. Most wine totes comes with wine accessories, if your waiter misplaces his corkscrew you will be prepared.

If you do bring two bottles, don't let the wine be opened until you're ready to have it opened. They're still your bottles and you have the final say as to when and what gets opened. One common misconception regarding BYOB restaurants is that they are not as classy as restaurants that serve their own wine and liquor. Some of the finest restaurants in the world are BYOB as you will discover as you learn more about BYOB eateries.

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