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Best Wine Gifts

Best Wine Gifts

If you're looking for the perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift, and who isn't, there are some excellent choices especially if you're buying for the wine lovers. Registries are great but you may want to opt for something different, more original and something you know they'll love. Wine as a gift is wonderful, especially if it's a brand that you know they'll love, but you can also find some wonderful wine gifts, without actually giving wine. Weddings are known for being romantic and elegant, qualities that a wine-related gift can easily portray. A birthday or anniversary gift consisting of wine accessories will let them know that you really were thinking of them on a personal level.

Wine racks area a wonderful gift for any occasion and can be chosen in a variety of styles and finishes. A wine rack with their favorite bottle of wine and a set of wine glasses is a gift that will always be remembered and appreciated. Some of the best types of wine gifts may include a bottle of some limited production of wine that you know they'll enjoy. These come in a variety of price ranges as well.

A wine gift basket is also a wonderful idea for a gift as well as for wedding party gifts. Many of these include a good brand of wine along with chocolates, cheese, crackers, etc. Many of the wines are from prominent wineries all over the country. You often have your choice of how big or small you want the basket to be. Wine gift baskets can include many different choices of items. Some may have a bottle of champagne along with truffles and chocolates. Others may have sausage, cheese and crackers. Still others are offered with cakes and pastries alongside a bottle of their favorite wine. Keep in mind what that special someone really enjoys when you choose their wine gift basket. You can also make up your own basket with wine totes or wine bags and include all the necessary wine accessories along with their favorite bottle of wine.

If the couple or members of the wedding party enjoy a glass of fine wine, they'll love a membership to a wine club. This is a perfect example of the gift that keeps on giving. They'll remember you and this wonderful gift every time they use their membership. You have your choice of 3, 6 or 12-month memberships as well as a choice of International Wine clubs, Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs, etc. Wine Club Memberships are available in many states so these work well for those special friends that live across the country.

The true wine connoisseur will really appreciate a deluxe red wine gift set. This beautiful set, although considered a starter set, includes a bottle of red wine, a Houdini corkscrew, wine bottle sealer, foil cutter, wax seal remover, wine glass markers and an extra corkscrew. If the couple is more into outdoor activities but still love their wine, you may consider wine picnic packs. These can vary from small wine totes, to large picnic sets or roller wine cases for a great weekend getaway.

There are so many different wine gifts available today. If you know their favorite brand of wine, consider giving them one or two bottles in a new wine tote along with a matching corkscrew or name brand wine glasses. Personalized wine gifts will let them know how much you think of them and the time and consideration that went into the gift.

When all else fails in the gift-giving department, gift certificates always make great gifts for any occasion. Whether it's a certificate for a wine gift basket or for their favorite bottle of wine, they'll love the thoughtfulness that goes into the gift.

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