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Choosing the Right Wine Tote

Choosing the right wine tote does not have to keep you up at night, but it does require a little thought. I'll go over the different types of wine totes and where they are best used. First, if your looking for a quick answer here it is... Get two! One that holds one bottle of wine and one that holds two bottles. There are many occasions that call for both, so by having both at your finger tips, you can avoid having to "brown" bag it.

The wine tote that holds one bottle is great for those occasions that are more intimate. Picnicking with your honey, a cozy dinner for two. You could also use a single bottle wine tote if you are meeting a group of friends and everyone is bringing some vino for all too enjoy.

The two bottle wine tote is the most versatile. It allows you to bring a white and a red or a red and a bottle of champagne, or two reds, I think you get the picture. Plus, by having that extra bottle of wine you wont run into trouble when the couple you are meeting for dinner forgets to bring a bottle. Believe me, there is nothing worse then showing up to a BYOB restaurant with 1 bottle of wine to share between 4 or more people. By the time you have a glass just catching up with your friends you have nothing left for your meal.

The three bottle wine tote is usually designated to the serious wine lover and the person who likes to have lots of choices. I can say that there has been times when I wish I had a few options. Don't get me wrong, the wine I carry to a restaurant is something I want to drink no matter what I decide to eat for dinner, but sometimes you decide to get the tilapia fish special and you have a nice bottle of white wine sitting in your wine fridge at home.

The most important things to look for when buying a wine tote is a pocket inside that will hold a corkscrew. Good quality wine totes, like the ones from Rhino Wine Gear, will come with a corkscrew and a nice pocket to store it in. Corkscrews are affordable enough that you should never be stuck without one. I recommend keeping one in your car in case of a wine emergency.

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