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Save The Rhino

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Rhino Wine Gear is proud to support Save the Rhino International in their mission to conserve critically endangered rhinoceros species in the wild. We are proud to be working with the charity and have committed to donate a percentage of our profits towards their conservation efforts in Asia and Africa. The more you spend on-line today, the more Save the Rhino will receive!

Save the Rhino’s aim is simply to increase rhino numbers in the wild. They do this by providing financial and in-kind support for rhino projects and for community-based initiatives in Africa and Asia. Saving rhinos results in the saving of large tracts of habitat and therefore entire eco-systems (together with other endangered species), which prevents environmental dilapidation and instead offers opportunities for sustainable resource use by local communities.

The funds the charity raises are used to support projects that address rhino conservation through a number of measures, ranging from purely rhino-focused anti-poaching and monitoring work to people-based programs focusing on environmental education, community development and research in key rhino areas.

Why rhinos?
Rhinos are so well-known and recognized, that the majority of the general public doesn’t realize that four of the five species of rhino are defined by the IUCN (World Conservation Union) as “Critically Endangered” and are considered to be facing “an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.”

There were approximately one million rhinos at the beginning of the 20th century, but sadly poaching reduced numbers drastically in the 1970s to around 70,000. Today, fewer than 18,000 rhinos survive in the wild with some of the species, such as the Javan and Sumatran rhino, numbering as few as 60 and 300 animals respectively. 

Although it is illegal to hunt rhinos, many continue to be poached for their horn. Rhino horn is made of keratin, a substance found in human hair and nails, and is used extensively to make ornamental dagger handles in the Yemen and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therefore safeguarding the species is vital for saving it from extinction.



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