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Formaggio Cheese Board

Formaggio Cheese Board

Product ID: RWGpt856-00-505
$ 54.99 $ 60.00

The Formaggio Cheese Board is a unique way to present a variety of cheeses, meats, pastries and fruits. The cheese board is oval shaped with a bamboo tiled center to highlight the food being served. Itís the perfect way to serve your favorite hors díoeuvres whether youíre putting together a casual gathering, a dinner party, or a big social event. The cheeseboard comes with 4 different utensils to complete the set with a form-fitted slide-out drawer to firmly hold them in place until you need them. Inside youíll see the hard cheese knife which you can use to cut hard cheese like parmesan or cheddar, a cheese shaver to shave thin slivers into scrumptious appetizers, a fork tipped knife to carry crumbs of cheeses like goat cheese, and a cheese spreader so you can spread it crackers and pastries. The Formaggio Cheese Board is a made of bamboo and is easy to clean. The wide design allows you to put together a great combination of cheeses and foods your guests will appreciate. Set out different cheeses, breads, or fruits, then leave the drawer open and your guests will take it from there. The clean bamboo design and the four piece utensil for serving cheese also make it a thoughtful gift. What's included with the Formaggio Cheese Board:
1 Hard cheese knife
1 Cheese shaver
1 Fork-tipped cheese knife
1 Cheese spreader
Dimentions: 7.9in x 8.7in x

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