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Malibu Picnic Wine Carrier

Malibu Picnic Wine Carrier

Product ID: RWGpt508-23-515
$ 89.99 $ 95.00

The Malibu Picnic Wine Carrier is everything you need to grab your favorite foods, wine, cheeses, and head out for a nice picnic. Made of 600D Polyester, this handy carrier includes space for 2 wine bottles and is insulated to keep your wine bottles cool for hours even under hot weather - just refrigerate to the temperature of your liking before packing. Besides space for 2 wine bottles, it also has huge space to bring along all the food you could possibly want for 2 people. Pack your favorite fruits, snacks, breads, cheeses, desserts, and don't worry if you think the all that food might not fit in. Just leave the top open and you can squeeze in some extra food. On the front zippered pocket is a storage section for everything you'll need. Inside you will find 2 sets of knives and forks, 2 wine glasses, 2 napkins, a waiter-style corkscrew, a cheese knife, and 2 plates to enjoy your food in. You'll also find a large sleeve on the right side which holds a cheese board. It's comfortable too - you can adjust the shoulder strap to your liking or carry the bag using the wide grip Velcro handle on the top. This carrier makes a spontaneous picnic quick and easy. With space for your wine, enough room to load up on a bunch of food, and placeholders for utensils, tools, glasses, and plates, you can forget about all the little details and enjoy your outing. This carrier comes in a variety of colors.

Included Accessories:
2 Wine glasses (acrylic), 2 Napkins (cotton 14 x 14 in.), 1 Corkscrew (waiter style stainless steel), 1 Cutting board (wood 6 x 6 in.), 1 Cheese knife (stainless steel w/wood handle), 2 Plates (melamine 9 in.), 2 Ea. Knives forks & spoons (stainless steel), 2 Napkins (cotton 14 x 14 in.)
** Sorry, Wine NOT included **

15.75" x 9.5" x 11.75"

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